LOCATION  Kampala, Uganda / Munich, Germany  PROJECT TEAM  Doreen Adengo, Nina Peters      COLLABORATORS  Dr. William Monteith (Queen Mary University of London), Randi Karanzi (Graduate Student, Cambridge University) Joel Ongwech (City Hub Media), Dave Mugerwa (City Hub Media), Zaheer Cassim (One Way Up productions) and Hakimu Sseviriiri (Urban Action Lab, Makerere University)       PROJECT YEAR  2017 - 2018  The global Kitenge trade provides a window into the connections and contributions that African migrants are making in the world. Combining photography, film, cartography and architecture, we explore the ways in which Congolese traders and tailors are transforming the social, economic and built environment in Kampala, Uganda, while forging connections to places much further afield. Working at multiple scales, we consider the impact of the kitenge trade at the global, regional, city and neighborhood levels, with a focus on the 3x3-metre shop units that connect Congolese refugees to the global fashion industry.  For more information on this project please checkout the  links:   africanmobilities.    mobilities not a refugee camp exhibition
  LOCATION:  Kampala, Uganda   PROJECT TEAM:  Doreen Adengo, Franklin Kasumba, Stephen Muwanguzi  PROJECT YEAR:  January 2019 - Present  Co-working spaces are becoming increasing popular in Kampala, attracting start-ups seeking affordable office spaces in prime locations. This project is by OUTBOX in collaboration with Google-for-Startups, and our role was to develop the interior design, which includes branding specific areas within the co-working space.  (this could be said in a much more elegant way : ) but in summary, here is the online definition of ‘google for startups’ maybe it can help:   Google  for Entrepreneurs, also known as  Google for Startups , is a  startup  program launched by  Google  in 2011, consisting of over 50 co-working spaces and accelerators in 125 countries, offering hands-on lessons for aspiring entrepreneurs.