LOCATION  Lukuli, Kampala  AREA  550 sqm  PROJECT TEAM  Doreen Adengo, William Gwavvu  PROJECT YEAR  2016   For a site with limited outdoor space and limited access to the main road, we suggested row houses, a fairly new typology in Kampala. The final design includes a series of four offset two-story houses, each with a semi-private front and back yard, as well as shared parking and utilities.  The houses feature a modern aesthetic with an open plan. Louvres and facade overhangs provide sun shading. A parapet roof, flat in appearance, hides a gently sloping roof that collects water in the back and stores it in an underground system.  The building also features a hybrid solar system.
  LOCATION  Mbalwa, Wakiso  AREA  1000 sqm  PROJECT TEAM  Doreen Adengo, Drew Hart, Nina Peters  PROJECT YEAR  2015  Because our client’s 1.43-acre (0.579 hectare) site is bisected by high-voltage wires, regulations preclude construction on the middle portion. We therefore used the central section for parking and created three pairs of row houses in the buildable portion.   Based on locally available materials, the design uses a brick screen to provide sun shading and privacy. Several other materials specified--clay tile floors, polished concrete, and wood--are also sourced locally.
  LOCATION  Ndeje, Wakiso  AREA  170 sqm  PROJECT TEAM  Doreen Adengo, William Gwavvu  PROJECT YEAR  2016  For a very small piece of land with a steep slope, we suggested a split-level residence allowing for two separate housing areas, a parking area, a small garden, and a roof terrace.   The design responded creatively to budgetary constraints.